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I am NEELABH, from , have chosen name on the Internet as 




Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashey, tobey ekla cholo re
(If no one heeds your call, march alone)
(In Bengali: যদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে তবে একলা চলো র) 
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(in serial order)


  1. Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) from UP Technical University, Lucknow (2008)

  2. Diploma in Cyber Law from Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune & Government Law College, Mumbai (2008).
  3. Summer Training in Network Security & Ethical Hacking; funded by Department of IT, Government of India (2008). 
  4. Certified Information Security Expert (CISE) by IAEDL, UK (2008).
  5. Presented 3 Research Papers in Cyber Security, one in National Symposium, second in International Seminar and third one in a National Conference.
    • Research Paper 1:
      Some Observations on the Latest Cybersquatting Trend: Typosquatting and its Impact on Indian Cyberspace

      Organizers: IETE (40th Mid-Term Symposium), Central Scientific Instruments Organization - Chandigarh
      Venue Significance: National Symposium
      Date: 18 April, 2009
      Achievements: Received special appreciation from Padmashree Dr. B Bhattacharjee and Prof. K Babu Rao (Council Member of IETE, Hyderabad). However, it was appreciated by one and all in the seminar.
    • Research Paper 2:
      Vulnerability of Indian Websites to Typosquatters for Possible Terrorist-Financing: A Techno-Legal Assessment
      : TechVision Security Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Click here for Report / Seminar Gallery)
      Venue Significance: International Seminar
      Achievements: Received special appreciation from everyone present in the seminar especially from the Board of Directors of TechVision Security Consultants Pvt. Ltd.; Commander Anuj Kapila, Head Faculty of Information Warfare College, Southern Naval Command; Mr. Firoze Zia Hussain, CEO & Director, Totem International to name a few.
      26 July, 2009
    • Research Paper 3:
      Typosquatting as a New Weaponry-Platform in Silent Cyber Weapons Race

      Organizers: IEEE Computer Society - Delhi Chapter, IETE Delhi Centre, Computer Society of India - Delhi Chapter, Guru Gobind Singh IndraPrastha University (GGSIPU), University School of Management Studies, CSIR-India
      Venue Significance: National Conference
      Date: 20 March, 2010

      Paper published in: MacMillan - Advanced Research Series Pubs.
      Book Name:
      Information Management in Knowledge Economy, Vol. 1; pp. 147-161
      ISBN 10: 0230-32936-5
      ISBN 13:

    (If you need full paper, you can request a copy. Kindly email me with your complete profile at)

  6. ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator from Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune (2009); aggregate score 89.40%.
  7. Selected as "Student of the Month for September 2009" by Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune

  8. Selected as Internet Safety Advocate by Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHOA).
  9. Post Graduation in Cyber Warfare and Defence (December 2010); aggregate score 95.14%.

                        Free Internet Security - WOT Web of Trust
Internet Safety Advocate



  1. Associate Member (Lifetime), The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)

  2. Reviewer of PhishTank, an Anti-Phishing group.
  3. Reviewer of McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton Safe Web.

  4. Bronze-level Reviewer of Web Of Trust .

  5. Worked in Indiabulls as Information Security Trainee (2008).
  6. Independent Cyber Security Researcher, Cyber Forensic Practitioner, Internet Forensic Practitioner.
  7. Freelancer Cyber Security Consultant, Cyber Crime Consultant, Cyber Forensics Consultant.
  8. Worked in Vayam Technologies Limited as Junior Forensic Investigator (2010).
  9. Worked as an Independent Consultant in Information Security for various SMBs (6 months).
  10. An article titled “Stuxnet worm attack: Are Indian SCADA systems ready?” by Dhwani Pandya, Principal Correspondent was published by SearchSecurity.IN of TechTarget Inc. for providing the suggestions for remediation of Stuxnet malware’s attack in Indian Enterprises and Critical Infrastructure(s).

  11. Founder of CYBER COPS, INDIA. CYBER COPS, INDIA is launched in Indian Cyberspace.  CYBER COPS INDIA considers cyberspace as countries’ life-blood and envisages security by introducing unique, innovative and a revolutionary Validy Technology solution, for the first time in Indian Cyberspace, through Licensing Validy SoftNaos for Java against Cyber Piracy and Cyber Sabotage of Computer Systems.  

    Validy Technology: It is the Patented Solution Against Software Piracy and IT Sabotage.
    Validy SoftNaos: A Revolutionary Software Protection Against Cyber Criminality and Cyber Terrorism.
    NGN Attacks: Securing the World Wide Web of Deceit from Next Generation Network (NGN) attacks.

    1) Protection of Software Against Piracy
    2) Protection of Computer Systems Against Sabotage
    3) Possible Uses of Validy SoftNaos

    1) Validy Technology
    2) Validy SoftNaos for Java
    3) NGN Attacks:
            * Cyber Crime Investigation,
            * Internet Forensic,
            * Cyber Security Consultancy

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    For more updated details, please visit:

    Cyber Cops, India on LinkedIn


    Total Work Experience: 2 Years 4 Month (28 Months) as of 1st January, 2011



      • A Regular Voluntary Blood Donor; donated blood 25 times till date (last done: 30 October, 2010) to the following Blood Banks:

          1. AIIMS - South Zone (2 times)
          2. AIIMS - Cardio-Neuro-Centre (3 times)
          3. Kailash Hospital & Research Centre (only 1 time)
          4. Indian Red Cross Society (2 times) &
          5. Rotary Blood Bank (17 times).

        I am a Repeated Regular Voluntary Blood Donor  to Rotary Blood Bank for past 17 times.

        Completed my Silver Jubilee on 30th October, 2010 in
        Voluntary 'Whole' Blood (Unpaid) Donation

      • An active volunteer of COUNTRY FIRST FOUNDATION, a non-profit trust founded by Mr. SHIV KHERA. "Country First" is a platform for addressing issues from One Concerned Citizen to another. Membership duration: January, 2008 - till date. Working for the upliftment of the current scenario of India in Technical terms, & Voluntary Blood Donation.

      • Selected as Ambassador of a city (city not disclosed intentionally due to various reasons) by MISSION: SAFER INDIA, being run by Dr. Kiran Bedi (Retd. IPS) in the month of August, 2009.

      • Member of YOUNG BLOOD Movement, being run by Rotary Blood Bank. The main motive of this movement is to promote the Voluntary Blood Donation esp. among the Youth. I am in the Motivation Wing.

      • Trained in Acupressure having expertise in curing Severe Headache, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, & curing temporary Paralytic Attack from the Medical Experts in the Acupressure retired from the Indian Air Force. Already treated more than 150 cases.


      1. Collecting materials pertaining to Cyber Security and its related fields.
      2. Reading Motivational Books esp. of Shiv Khera, and Robin Sharma.
      3. Collecting Information for my website for further dissemination.


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