Last Updated: 18-07-2010



“Violence / Crime Against Woman” is increasing day-by-day viz. Rape, Molestation, Sexual Abuse, Mental/Physical/Sexual Harassment, etc. People who commit such crimes feel that the women are weak and thus can easily be suppressed. But there are some ways that, if used, can be great help for women.

I will try to provide few tips, principles, techniques with few illustrative videos that is easiest & simplest to use method of women's self-defense that allows young girls and "non-martial artist" females to effectively defend themselves against any type of assault.

Please note if you are attacked, then for defending yourself & fighting for survival there is one and only one way:

"Scream, scratch, bite, hit, kick or attack with a common object.

Do all that is needed to end the threat or have enough time to escape."


So, I thought why not to provide some best practical principles, tips & techniques by the help of which every single girl / woman / lady can defend herself very-very effectively. In fact, few of the principles can be easily implemented by anyone in case of emergency. I have already personally tested few of them and found them very-very effective.

          I will be collecting all the materials from different websites as well as some Magazines & Psychological Books which has covered these aspects in a more practical and effective way. Wherever possible I will try to give the due credits to the original individual author.

For Authors only:

(If any author feels that I am violating their Intellectual Property Rights, then I have no problem in removing their contents from my website. For this purpose, the concerned authors are requested to please fill the following form. Please note providing the e-mail address is must for further communication. Also, do provide the web page link so that I can remove it permanently from the Google Search Engine indexing. I will try my best to do whatever possible.)


In nutshell, if I will be able to get relevant, effective, efficient and "non-martial artist" tactics for females (with easy to comprehend content), I will try to provide it here. This takes time as each and every character of the data goes through a very strict scrutiny.

I hope that my work will not go in vain.