Last updated: 20-Apr-2010 11:06:01 IST

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1. Insecure BIOS ‘Rootkit’ Found Pre-loaded In Major Manufacturers Laptops

2. Another Fake Twitter Profile Spreads Malware That Harvests Orkut Credentials

3. Four Cross-scripting Vulnerabilities Found on Facebook Pose Serious Privacy Risk

4. Another Phishing Assault Hits Facebook Users

5. Center for Defense Information (CDI) Web site has been compromised

6. National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau of Malaysia Web site Compromised

7. Microsoft Office Web Components Zero Day

8. Network Solutions Breached, More Than 500,000 Credit And Debit Cards Exposed

9. Vulnerable DD-WRT Firmware Exposes Wireless Routers

10. Malicious Firefox Add-on Spies On Google Search Results

11. Potentially Serious Security Flaws Discovered In Pidgin, Finch, Adium, Meebo, And Gaim

12. Microsoft WINS Vulnerability Under Attack

13. Radisson Hotels Breached, Sensitive Customer Data Exposed

14. Phishers Attack Facebook With A Variety Of New Scams

15. WordPress 2.8.3 Remote Admin Password Reset Vulnerability

16. Browser Vulnerabilities Expose Users To Man-in-the-middle Attacks On HTTPS

17. Criminals Operating Unlawful Online Pharmacies Through Microsoft’s Bing