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This webpage is created in order to spread the awareness in cyberspace for netizens (i.e., those who use Internet). I have created this page and its contents in such a way that it can be easily understood by a layman even. By creating this webpage, I hope that I will be able to safeguard some of the common public (at least) from falling into the traps/pitfalls in the cyberspace.

The basic problem what I have found is that the netizens don’t have the Basic knowledge of common daily chores and terms related to the Internet World. Due to this, the majority fall as a prey to the cyber criminals and crackers.

Why I said ‘Crackers’? Because there is a big difference in Hackers and Crackers but due to the ignorance of the Media World, the two terms are used interchangeably. In a layman’s language, Hackers and Crackers are the technical experts but the only difference is in their intentions. Hackers have Good Intentions and provide valuable feedbacks and comments in the cyber security forums for making the cyber security better. On the other hand, Crackers have Malicious Intentions. For more information related to Hackers vs. Crackers, please read it from here.

This is just a collection of basic cyber security tips ‘collected’ from various sources with special reference to United States Government which I receive as an e-mail alert. If you found some content or similar thing like that and want to share with me, then do let me know here. I will be thankful to you for this effort.

 Let’s make this Voyage of the Cyberspace Safe & Secure for all!


Till then, TAKE CARE !