Last Updated: 17 July 2010

Forensic Psychologist ANNA SALTER*, Ph.D., author of Predators, explains Strategies for Thwarting An Abduction.

Don't Underestimate Your Vulnerability

    Many rapists are motivated by opportunity, so keep your wits about u at all times, even when u feel completely secure. e.g., A parking lot right outside of Miss XYZ's office in broad daylight can quickly become an isolated danger zone.

Go With Your Gut

    Miss XYZ spotted her attacker, she immediately felt uneasy. If a guy is giving you the creeps, get away from him as quickly as possible. It's better to be wrong & offend someone than find out too late that your instincts were right.

Don't Get Into The Car

    Do whatever you can to avoid getting into a vehicle. If you can't run away, try attracting attention, which may cause your attacker to flee. Flail your arms or scream "FIRE" (people are more likely to turn & look if they think they're in danger too). The moment u get into a car, your chances of getting out alive dwindle.

Stay Calm

    Rapists are highly unpredictable, so there isn't one magical thing you can do to make them let you go. But if you are trapped, focus on finding an escape versus giving in to panic. If it seems appropriate, talk about yourself so that your abductor may start to see you as a person, instead of a disposable victim. As with Miss XYZ's attack, sometimes it work.

Please note that I have used a lady's name as Miss XYZ in order to hide her identity.


*About Forensic Psychologist ANNA SALTER:

    Anna Salter, Ph.D., is a forensic psychologist and internationally known authority on sex offenders. She is the author of novels featuring Dr. Michael Stone. She also lectures worldwide and has written two academic books on sex abuse. Dr. Salter is in private practice in Madison, Wisconsin, and consults to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

[Excerpts taken from: Fantastic Fiction]