1. Women who live alone should list only their last names and initials on their mailboxes and in the telephone directory.

  2. Always keep the door locked, even if you are at home and even if you leave the house for just a few minutes.

  3. Never open the door automatically after a knock, Ensure that strangers have identified themselves properly before allowing them to enter, Utilize a peep-hole (magic-eye) to verify identification.

  4.  Leave the light on over the door which you will be using to enter at night. Have your key ready so that the door may be opened immediately.

  5. Close curtains at night.

  6. Never admit over the phone or to strangers that you will be alone at home.

  7. Lifts: If you live in an apartment building where you know most of the residents and find your self in the lobby with a stranger, let him take the lift first and wait for it to return for you.

    If you are on the lift and someone’s presence makes you uneasy, get the control panel. If someone attacks, hit the alarm button and press as many buttons as you can so that lift will stop at any of several floors.

  8. If a stranger requests the use of your phone, do not let him enter your apartment. Place the call for him instead.

  9. If you return home and detect evidence that someone has broken in to your domicile, do not enter the premises and do not scream. Proceed to the closest neighbour's house and phone and CALL POLICE from there.