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    In India as well as in many other developing countries, food accounts for a large part of the family budget. Every consumer wants to get the maximum quantity of a commodity for as low a price as possible. This attitude of the consumers being coupled with the intention of the traders as well as the manufacturer to increase the margin of a profit as high as the variable market demand permits generates a vicious circle where the quality of the commodity gets reduced through addition of baser substances and / or removal of vital elements, and the process is defined as ADULTERATION.


    The science activists from various voluntary organizations have in recent years started building awareness among the people by way of demonstrating detection of food adulteration.


    My this webpage will also try to add a momentum to the movements of spreading the Public Awareness and hence, the Food Adulteration Detection Manual is presented here. The Food Adulteration Detection Manual is a product of experiences of the science activists of Science Communicators' Forum and Action Research Institute who have regularly been conducting food adulteration detection camps and campaigns to create a public awareness as well as to enable the people to organize and express a people's concern.


    Acknowledgment is made to the people who have subscribed to the cause and to the food technologists who have provided this movement with all relevant and technical information and to the Vigyan Prasar's digital library.


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