Last updated: 28-Feb-10 IST

Its' an attempt to make this & its subsequent web pages a collection of the Public Alerts being displayed on the various Government & other websites. 


Please refrain from posting your & your family's photograph (especially females) on the Internet (esp. on Social Networking websites) as it is recently observed that these photographs are found to be used in the Pornographic websites/forums. If someone still want to post his/her photograph, then don't upload anything more than the face (esp. females).

[Issued in Public Interest by MASTER OF EARTH]

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Sl. No.

Alerts Topic Launching Date
1 Techniques for the Identification of Terrorists 13 September, 2008
(Day of Delhi Blast)
2 Counterfeit (or, Fake) Indian Currency Notes Identification 31 October, 2008
(updated: 6 Aug, 2009)
3 Nuclear Emergencies - How to Respond? 4 November, 2008
4 Burglary Prevention 15 November, 2008
5 Road Safety 1 January, 2009
6 Foreign Jobs 1 February, 2009
7 Safety and Security when using ATMs 12 May, 2009
8 House Safety Tips/Alerts 12 May, 2009
9 Suspicious Objects 12 May, 2009
10 Before Investing 15 May, 2009
11 Before Buying a House/Flat 15 May, 2009
12 Is Your Child Addicted to Drugs? 15 May, 2009
13 Food Adulteration Detection Manual (English version) 1 July, 2009
14 Food Adulteration Detection Manual (Hindi version) Will be launched later; under construction
15 Bank ATM's Converted to Steal IDs of Bank Customers 28 February, 2010