"Citizen may please take following precautions regarding suspicious objects : "

      Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) can be concealed in common objects like Toys, Transistors, Lunch Boxes, Hand Bags, Brief Cases, Vehicles etc., which will be kept/abandoned at public places to carry on terrorist activity :

a)  Following precautions to be taken to prevent/minimize damage :

        1. Unclaimed/abandoned objects at public places should be viewed suspicious.  Do not touch or try to open it/them.
        2. Cordon-off the area and isolate the object.  If possible put sand-bags around it.
        3. Inform Police Control Room/local police for verification and further action. 

b) For owners/users of cars :

        1. Ensure that you roll up all windows and quarters glasses of the vehicle and lock up the vehicle every time you park it.

        2. Bonnet and dickey should also be properly secured.
        3. Before opening a car door, make sure that its dickey, bonnet, doors have not been tampered with.  

        4. If there is any suspicion, help of local police should be taken.

c)  Individuals : 

        1. Do not accept any parcel from strangers.
        2. Sensitize all your family members, especially children.

d)  Pass on information about the abandoned vehicles, articles etc., promptly to the police at the nearest police station or on phone number 100 or crime police helpline in major cities at phone number 1090.



      1. Do not touch the object.
      2. Do not remove unless duty bound.
      3. Do not open/puncture.
      4. Butters - Put protection sandbags on the object.
      5. Baffling - Put matters on/around explosive to minimize blast fragmentation effect.

      6. Venting - Door/Windows open
      7. Evacuate people to safe distance
      8. Inform Police/Fire brigade/Hospital and Ambulance.