1. Security in an apartment building is as effective as you make it. Don't leave it entirely up to the superintendent of the building or the police. By following these suggestions you can make the building a safer place in which to live.
  2. Report suspicious persons to police.
  3. When the buzzer rings, check the identity of the caller before opening the door. Refer unknown persons to the building in charge.  Offenders may come under the guise of electricity meter readers/telephone dept. etc.
  4. Do not identify yourself as a female living alone-use only your initials on the building directory.
  5. Use more than one lock on the door.
  6. Use peepholes.




  1. Opening your door to Strangers: Take great care... you don't ever have to open the door.
  2. Peepholes... to see who's there: Install Wide-angle peepholes are a highly recommended viewing device because the person outside does not know that you see him / her.
  3. Chain locks... A false sense of safety: They are not recommended because they are mounted with short screws and have weak chains.
  4. Door wedges really work: A door wedge is a better alternative when you wish to open your door only a few inches to speak to a stranger. This device is useful for children and women who are alone at home. It can be found in most hardware stores.




  1. Ensure all points of entry are secured, especially windows.
  2. Use light timers that will give your home the appearance of occupancy.
  3. Tell trusted neighbors how long you'll be gone and who might be visiting your home in your absence.
  4. Leave a phone number with a relative or neighbor in case of emergency.
  5. Place valuable jewellery, coin collection and documents in a safety deposit box or a burglary-proof safe.
  6. Have somebody mow your lawn.
  7. Leave a car in your driveway. If you do not have a spare car, borrow one.
  8. Consider a house sitter.
  9. Check with your insurance company. They may provide home checks for vacationers.