Do you know 1 Lakh people died & 40 Lakh injured in road accident in India in 2001.

  • For vehicle drivers:
    1. Use low beam at night.
    2. Always wear seat belts.
    3. Do not drive after drinking.
    4. Stop and rest if you feel sleepy.
    5. Do not smoke or use cellular phone while driving
    6. Use dipper to avoid blinding the driver of oncoming vehicle.
    7. Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists. Remember visibility is poor at night.
  • For Pedestrians & Cyclists:
    1. Pedestrians & Cyclists wearing bright clothes make more visible at night.
    2. Have reflector/retro-reflective tape on your bicycle.
  • The right method of overtaking:
    1. When in Doubt, Never overtake.
    2. Don't overtake from left.
    3. Before you overtake, make sure that overtaking is allowed and that is safe.
    4. You must be able to judge the distance required to overtake keeping in mind the speeds of both vehicles, the distance of oncoming traffic on the overtaking path, and your vision.

    5. Look into your rear view mirror and over the shoulder to make sure that no one is overtaking you.

    6. Use your right side indicator.
    7. Shift your lane to come to middle of the road after assessing that the gap is sufficient and the road is clear.

    8. Change your gear and accelerate. Cross the vehicle by speeding up so that overtaking time is minimized.

    9. You may overtake by keeping a safe side distance with the vehicle being overtaken. Safe distance is usually width of a vehicle.

    10. As soon as you can see the vehicle you have overtaken in your rear view mirror, indicate your return to the left lane.

    11. Return to the left lane.
    12. Blow horn or use dipper at night to signal the vehicle you intend to overtake.