Source: Department of Atomic Energy, India

        Nuclear facilities in India adopt internationally accepted guidelines for ensuring their safe operations and safety to the public and the environment. An independent regulatory authority oversees their safe operations. While the limits for radiation release / exposure have been set at a fraction of what can cause any significant harm, emergency procedures get implemented even when these very low limits are exceeded. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that the public near a nuclear facility will be exposed to any radiation beyond the permissible limits. However, to reassure the public, contingency plans are put in place even to handle such unlikely scenarios.

        Keeping these facts in mind, if you still feel concerned on hearing any news or rumour about an incident at a nearby nuclear facility, follow these simple guidelines. These guidelines could also be followed in the event of any other nuclear emergency in your area, which does not even involve any nuclear facility.

      1. Go indoors. Stay inside.
      2. Switch on Radio / TV and look out for public announcements from your local authority.
      3. Close doors / windows. 
      4. Cover all food, water and consume only such covered items.
      5. If in the open, cover your face and body with a wet handkerchief, towel, dhoti or saree. Return home, change / remove clothes. Have a complete wash and use fresh clothing.
      6. Extend full cooperation to local authorities and obey their instructions completely – be it for taking medication, evacuation etc.
      1. Do not panic.
      2. Do not believe in rumours passed on by word of mouth from one person to another.
      3. Do not stay outside / or go outside.
      4. As far as possible, AVOID –water from open wells / ponds, exposed crops and vegetables, food, water or milk from outside.
      5. Do not disobey any instruction of the District or Civil Defense Authorities who would be doing their best to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your property.