Last Updated: 18-02-2010

I have started 2 services related to my website:

  1. FREE SMS SERVICE: The Free SMS Service has been started by using Google Services. In order to make it more effective and to stop spamming I have made this service in such a way that only I can send the SMS and at the other end subscribers will just receive it. They are not allowed to send SMS back on the same service.

    The preview of some of the SMS sent to the subscribers are shown below. Please click the image to see the image:

    Preview of SMS Sent

    Subscribing the service is completely FREE...

    The IMPORTANT ALERTS SMS channel brings Important Alerts straight to your cell phone. To subscribe,


    ON ImportantALERTS to 9870 80 70 70


    click here to subscribe online

    For subscribing, one needs just two things:

    1. An Indian Mobile Number: This FREE SMS Service is only applicable in India. There is no such restriction on the Service Provider.

    2. GMAIL Account: This is a must one. So, only the gmail account holders can subscribe this Free SMS Service. This service is absolutely free, no hidden charges.

    With the help of this service, I will be able to disseminate critical information instantly. This is made in order to disseminate information which WILL BE beneficial for human race. No useless or crap information will be floated. This will help me to accomplish my dream of a SAFER INDIA more quickly. In this way, one will be able to forward those important messages to the other people without typing it again thus starting a chain reaction of sending critical and important messages.

  2. Toolbar: I have made my own toolbar which has many features. The file size of the Setup of Toolbar for Internet Explorer is just 1.42 MB. My toolbar also supports Firefox v 1.0 and above. Some of them as per my understanding are:

    1.  By clicking on the LOGO (Master Of Earth in colourful), one can reach to my website's home page instantly.

    2. A Customized Google Search Engine is embedded with a Highlighter for better locating the search queries.

    3. Next one is "Important Links". In this, I will make available all those important webpage links of my website which I feel (or, as per the feedback/suggestions of the users) is necessary. Currently, it shows links to

      1. Cyber Security Tips

      2. Public Alerts for Indians

      3. SALUTE - Techniques for the Identification of Terrorists

      4. Important contact numbers in India

      More web links will be coming soon as the website development proceeds.

    4. RSS: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. From this button, the user can send me any message instantly. This is provided so that if someone wants to communicate with me, then he doesn't requires my email id to send. Also, by using this service, one can send message to me without going into his email account. This will be useful in those cases where the user is accessing the computer in public.

    5. Privacy:  I have also embedded the Privacy feature in the toolbar alone so that one can delete all those data which can reveal his identity which may lead to the Identity Theft (for more information please visit Cyber Security Tips). The Privacy feature involves:

      1. Clearing Web Browser Cache.

      2. Clearing Web Browser History.

      3. Deleting Web Browser Cookies.

    6. Weather Forecasting: I have also included a weather forecasting feature. Here, just select your location and the format to show the temperature i.e., Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the real-time data is available right on the desktop.

    7. E-Mail Notifier: My Toolbar also includes e-mail notifier where one can check his/her inbox instantly by a click. However, the email accounts allowed to use this service are rather restricted. Still I have allowed the main ones. Thus, if a person is having an e-mail account of Hotmail, or Yahoo, or Gmail or POP3 can use it.

    8. News Feed: I have also embedded the NEWS FEED which picks the News right from the Reuters, Wall Street Journal, etc. and delivers the news on the desktop.

    9. Additionally, many more features can be added or removed from it as per the choice. This is possible in the Settings provided in the LOGO section.

    10. If some update is done at my side, then one has to just click on the UPGRADE  and the Toolbar will be upgraded instantly.

    11. Since, I have tried to provide many features which may include those services also where there is a possibility that my toolbar may be a rogue one meant for capturing data/information. (someone may think so). For this, I have also taken a SECURITY CLEARANCE from a very trusted Security organization TRUSTe which guarantees that my toolbar isn't a rogue one and hence SAFE TO USE. For more Privacy Issues, please check this link.

      The TRUSTe program is consistent with government and industry guidelines concerning the use of your personal information. These standards include the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data, the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Commerce's Fair Information Practices, the California Online Privacy Protection Act, and the CAN-SPAM Act.